Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ticked off as I can not get aboard.

I was hoping to get onboard Elephants Child on Sat. but the wire transfer did not make to the broker by Fri. 4.30 pm despite going out of my bank at 11.00 am. Guess some bank somewhere wanted to play the money market with my money over the weekend.

So I got to play tourist in St Thomas over the weekend. There was a cruise ship docked in Charlotte Amalie so the taxi touts were in overdrive mode and the street vendors were out in force.

Spotted this 1801 cannon now recycled as a bollard.

I decided to get out of town but being a tight Scots git I took a local "Safari" and went round the Northern part of the island. These are open buses built on pick up trucks and usually run continously on loop routes. See the green one just to the right of the cannon.

It was a usefull recce as I now know where the Cost-U-Less and the Kmart are and how to get to the big chandlery for boat bits.

I stopped off at Independent boatyard for lunch and chatted to the new owners of one of the other boats had considered. They had just bought it and found themselves doing some major essential work which involved removing the engine to redo the bearers and repairing big cracks in the keel. Ah the joys of boat ownership!

It was late when I got back and I was hot from climbing the hill and steps to the Galleon Hotel so it was pool time!

The WiFi in my shack of a room is coming and going so is driving me mad but at least the cable TV is working and I will get a last dose of NFL for a while.

Carol is due to fly in to St Thomas next week and we will get to work learning the systems together.


  1. I am not too bad on old car engines, but I don't know too much about boats.

    If it was training a difficult dog I would feel a bit more confident, good job John knows what he is doing. At least I will be warmer than I am now

  2. John has got to St Thomas, no wifi as yet. Seems that the boat doesn't have a working loo or shower. All of our stuff has been held up, so he has nothing to use. He is heating hot water in a can on the stove, and a can for other purposes, I trust it is not the same can. I arrive on wednesday, hopefully he has managed to get things straight, or I am off to the nearest hotel .

  3. I can catagorically say that different cans were used as required.

    When you find the price of even the cheapest fleabag motel you may decide to camp out!