Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Just finished a stint helping to move and pack aid for Dominica. I was glad of the big fan some one rigged as it was REALLY HOT in that shipping container.

It is HOT onboard Elephants Child too but a cooling swim is always available.

The above pic shows that my little non rolly corner of paradise has been invaded. I know from the chat on the VHF it has got really rolly in some anchorages.

I enjoyed a good sunset with my G&T last nigh.

I had just finished a stint scraping the reef of my bottom. 80 % done but I want some good viz for the last few bits. My underwater camera has died and my new one is lost in the post otherwise I would have included some pics of just how bad it was. This is not Elephants Child but the fouling was at least as bad if not worse.The growth is helped by the local rum distillery which cleans its tanks out on a regular basis and flushes all the nutrients into my bay.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Artemis suffered an engine failure in the narrow cut entering Hartmen Bay and finished up on the reef.

Getting her off was more difficult than usual due to the really big swell that was running. The breakers came close to overturning several dinghies. But she came off with no hull damage. Her rudder is damaged and she will need to come out for repairs I think.

Catastrophe happens!!!!
We hit the reef after engine problems in Hartman Bay. Mayday message sent...many many tenders arrived to help...marina work boat sent...coastguard arrived. Eventually our mast was gently pulled down and we were pulled very gently off the reef! The rudders broken, the keel (so far) looks fine, prop fine.....all looks cosmetic. We were towed to a mooring buoy and fortunately have not taken any water.
Many, many thanks to everyone involved. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping save our boat.
However Miles, Alison and Artemis have pulled through.

From Chris Doyle

Yachts bringing aid to Dominica may need to rethink. Very regrettably yachts bringing supplies to Dominica are getting robbed offshore by armed men in Pirogues. What worried me about this is that it is a societal ill. In Grenada in Janet, no one looted. The next hurricane there was a lot of looting. After a hurricane, when supermarkets are closed and there is no food, at least breaking in and taking some food has some sort of survival justification for anyone who is actually starving . But it has gone way beyond that. Now a hurricane is seen as justification for breaking into any kind of store and taking things for free on the grounds that if they take all insurance will pay. This is very wrong. By doing that insurance rates go way up and this gets put into the cost of things you buy from then on. That kind of permissive attitude has now led to the armed robbery of yachts bringing up aid. This is not stopping all aid but it is stopping some. Including a solar charging system with multiple mains outlets to help people charge their phones and batteries. There is a way too permissive an attitude in Dominica in general about this. To all my friends in Dominica who know stealing is wrong. It should not be considered acceptable when you have a disaster. It is also going to affect yachting. Because once people have got away with going out to sea and robbing yachts off Dominica, they are likely to continue one the storm is over. Dominicans who understand this must communicate to their sticky fingered brethren, and let them know that this kind of behavior i totally unacceptable. This hurricane is not a one off. With global warming you will get more. It is really dumb to harm those who try to bring you help.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hurricane Maria

She is a big strong lady and even though she is 100s of miles to the North we have a contrary Westerly wind and rain squalls.

I am in a very protected spot in Clark's COurt Bay. GOOD
Other people know that this is a protected spot. err good sort of.
All this morning other boats have been piling in and anchoring around me. BAD
The first big rain squall has just blown through and at least two boats have dragged BAD
But both off to the side of Elephants Child.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Well I am back at DEFCON 2 as it is clear that Maria will strike well to the North as a fairly compact storm.

Dominica and Guadeloupe are in the cross hairs for a strike by a cat 2 or 3.

St Croix will get hit then Maria is likely to strengthen further and hit the USVI followed by Puerto Rico as a Cat 3 or 4.

I really feel for those people who will be trying to get some supplies in then be faced with starting the clean up all over again.

St John to be evacuated
FEMA and the other government agencies currently on the ground here are recommending that all non-essential persons evacuate the island ASAP.

Back to more pleasant things. Clark's Court Boatyard organised some J24 match racing and they got some unusual light westerly winds for the races.

When they do it again I may see if I can rustle up a wrinklies entry, age 70 + to be in my gang.

But I may just enjoy watching it all from Whisper Cove Marina as I enjoy their very fine Sunday brunch

A local entrepreneur has been working on making this rescued cat into a water and fuel barge but things are proceeding slowly and he has allowed one hull to sink. Guess I need to go in and fill up with water instead of the delivery.

Irma left behind conditions for spectacular sunsets.

Makes my sundowner G & T a little more special.

Friday, September 15, 2017


Local weather guru Chris Parker has issued a warning for the possible rapid intensification of the system due to hit on Monday.

Cat 3 or 4 with Guadeloupe or Dominica as the target.



It looks like both the yellow crosses shown in the previous post will develop into storms then hurricanes. It is early days for reliable forecasts as to track but most models have one missing the islands and the one closer to the islands passing over Martinique Dominica or Guadeloupe as a storm or cat 1 hurricane.

Had some collateral damage from Irma, the fresh produce shelves were just about empty in the supermarket as the supply which comes through Florida was disrupted.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Just the three systems to worry about

OK it looks like Jose is no danger to Grenada but it has been doing loops.

The two potential storms are both moving into conditions that favor development.

I am keeping a close watch on the one closest to Africa. I have a BAD feeling about this one.