Sunday, January 14, 2018


Well it has been an eventful couple of weeks on the boat front. It started in St Lucia when the lead to the starter motor developed a high resistance where it met the battery terminal. This generated enough heat to melt the terminal out of the battery case and set the insulation on fire. Fortuntly I was on my way into the battery compartment, saw the fire, picked up the powder fire extinquisher but before I unleashed it I thought back to the unholy mess a powder fire extinguisher makes and tried a cup of water. That did the trick.

New battery and a new terminal on the starer lead soon saw us back in business and I sailed up to Martinique. .

Gaye arrived and the first time we tried to start the engine the starter motor made a funny noise and the engine did not turn. I did some diagnostics expecting to find a problem relating to the work I had just done but I soon identified a problem with the pre engaged mechanism. This meant removing the starter. Now I had done this once before and it is a b******* of a job. So I tried to find a yound fit mechanic who could do the work but everybody was booked for many days.

So it was on with my big boy pants and out with the tools.

With starter in hand the next job was to get it to the starter repair man. No he did not offer a collection service so it was a case of hiring a car and setting off to deliver the starter.. I got lost, hopelessly gloriously completely lost. So I am not proud and I asked a police man. No he did not now where Mr Repair man was nor did his colleagues. So I thought commit a murder on the repair mans workshop and you will get away with it as the police can't find it. I found a very nice man in the mayors office who knew where the repair man was, he also drove there with us following.

A week later the starter was fixed, [you know island time.] I refitted it and we were back in business.

Glad to leave Cul de Sac de Marin after 12 days we headed round to my favorite anchorage Grand Anse D'Arlet.

We got the hook down saw our first turtle and enjoyed our sundowner with the rather splendid sight of a 5 masted windjammer silhouetted against the setting sun.

The next day offered a chance to try out my latest underwater camera which Gaye had kindly bought all the way from Australia.

Camera works well.

I spotted this in Marin at the floating dry dock. As it is a locally registered boat it is likely to be a local OOPS.

Gaye is spoiling Dizzy rotten with cat treats.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


After weeks of speculation, controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced he will run for Senate in Arizona.

A Republican, Arpaio, 85, is an ally of President Trump. The president pardoned Arpaio in August 2017 after he was found guilty of criminal contempt for denying a judge’s order to stop traffic patrols that allegedly targeted immigrants.

“I have a lot to offer. I’m a big supporter of President Trump,” Arpaio said in an interview with the Washington Examiner. “I’m going to have to work hard; you don’t take anything for granted. But I would not be doing this if I thought that I could not win. I’m not here to get my name in the paper, I get that every day, anyway.”

I see him as a sensible man who worked the system.

Pink pajamas for the inmates.

Tents for cells.

No stimulating drinks, no coffee, no tea, no coke etc.

Initially no TV but the supreme court decided that was a breach of prisoners rights so Joe gave them 2 religious channels, the weather channel and a cartoon channel.

When applying the laws on illegal immigrants on the Mexican border he went after people who looked Mexican. Good idea?

Yup he reintroduced the chain gang.

I liked Sheriff Joe.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


from Martinique. John Gaye and Dizzy are sitting in Marin in the rain and wondering if the fireworks display from Club Med will go ahead.

Gaye who made the long trek from down under to join Elephants Child has set about winning the heart and stomach of the ships cat with cat nip mice and cat treats.

Dizzy says it is working.

I met Andre a Polish single hander while we were both in the Carriacou Marine boatyard.

His boat Tiggy is a pretty little traditional wooden cruiser.

Unfortunately his anchor chain broke during night while he was at anchor in Clarks Court Bay.

A mystery man came to the rescue last night, mid-storm, and saved Tiggy.

Grenada cruisers are now looking for a diver to recover his anchor and he is rafted up to Tarka.

Good news story.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL and it's gone a bit shaky pudding in the Eastern Carib

I was not aware of either quake but we have had two magnitude 5 plus quakes in the last couple of days. A reminder that I live in a tectonically active area of the world.

That is the good news from Dizzy.

The bad news as far as he is concerned is we are getting ready to sail up to Martinique on Christmas day.


Spotted these in Marigot Bay

What to do with a spare kayak?

Turn it into a palm tree nursery of course.

Blue Peter fenders

Not sure I would want to lean my topsides agin them.

Some dreams died here. A little wooden boat sprang a leak and went down quickly.

I watched the owner attemtingf to rescue his possessions by diving on it with little success.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I always enjoy stopping here even if I have to disappoint the mooring purveyors but 'Sorry guys there have been too many failures" any way they charge 30$ US and that is a prime rib dinner at Doolittles.

I have been discussing online my favourite sails and the ones I dislike the most and Bequia to St Lucia is number 1 one my dislike list but it was a pleasant sail today other than the usual 5 miles of square waves and an extra few knots of wind in the acceleration zone off the North end of St Vincent.

Dizzy was not happy but he has been mollified with a tin of his faourite cat food.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


After a great sail up in the flattest water I have ever seen on an interisland passage I am sitting in Bequia and will take advantage of the best wind and sea that I can get in the next 10 days to leave tomorrow for St Lucia.

So no morning lie in for Dizzy.

He is going to be really pissed tomorrow two long sails on consecutive days.

Mr Grumpy for sure.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Well I was up at the 'peep o'dawn' and on my way North with no wind at all.

Eventually a small breeze filled in but it was dead on the nose, so I pick a sheltered bay and will try again tomorrow.

As I passed Hillsborough I picked up on a rescue working out of Tyrel bay. A Russian couple who have no engine had sailed up from Granada to Tyrell Bay were also suffering from lack of wind and were drifting back to Grenada. A tow was soon organised by Suzy of Spirited Lady of Foy.