Sunday, September 21, 2014


I earned this in the Bahamas

a few years ago assisting in getting a boat off the reef that lay outside of Farmers Cay.

Well I helped someone on Friday in a tropical downpour and so far no thanks, no T shirt, no bottle of rum, ho hum I guess I will just have to view it as positive karma.

I was on the internet early on Sat as I know some people who were sitting out hurricane Odile

on their boats in Baja Mexico. Zeehag and Bubba the boat cat made it through OK but Pail and his girlfriend are missing and it is not sounding good.

I am amazed that people do take the most elementary of precautions to safeguard their boats, leaving the headsail up is so foolish.

Dizzy is pissed of with me as I have been off the boat a lot the last few days.

I think he wants to come too but has not plucked up the courage to get in the dink when it is in the water.

A final thought for the day, did you know that Arizona has a ' stupid drivers law '?
If you drive into a flood and have to get rescued you owe for the full cost of the rescue.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Friday is my day for shopping. The ship from the USA arrives on Thursday and the shelf fillers are hard at it of Friday. Well something ' done mash up ' at the docks

so this is what the shelves looked like.

Ho Hum.

The hardware store was my next stop as I needed a new deck scrubbing brush with a handle. Well they had brush heads and they had handles; it is a shame they did not match up.

Ho Hum.

On to the next hardware store. They had handles of a totally different type but no heads at all.

Next stop the post office where I spend 40 minutes waiting while they look for my parcel. No luck. They say they have it ... somewhere.

My final stop is the litte bake shop who do the best spicy beef patties, yes you've guessed it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Sunday it was raining but the wifi was good so I entered for an online Pot Limit Omaha tournament, PLO as I have grown a little bored with No Limit Holdem, I don't win but do make the final table so well into the money.

Monday the sun was shining so I dink round to Secret Harbor for the Cruisers poker tournament and win that. That evening flushed with success enter a single table tournament and win that. I am HOT.

So I am not even going to try to sweet talk any ladies this week.

I have not bothered snorkeling for a week or two as the swell has been rolling in on the reefs and there would be very poor viz. but it has been down for a day so I go out and try one of the outer reefs.

Conditions were excellent except I kept getting photobombed by this parrot fish that followed me around.

Not sure about the turtle, it might have been a Ridley [rare] or a Green [not rare].

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Calivigny Island is owned by a billionaire and while it is really his holiday home he does rent it out supposedly for half a million a week.

I am at anchor off their beach so kinda know what is going on by the comings and goings of the various boats that service the island and bring the workers out.

I was aware that there was some guests in residence as the covers were off the pool chairs and the full lights were on at night. The jet skis had blasted around but stayed well away from the anchored boats and the big sports fisherman had been out working the reefs. But it was generally quiet. That all changed last night. It started with a kind of nightclub with all the lights, then there was a laser light show with music which lit up the clouds. This was interspersed with a DJ playing some stuff but more pleasant music than the thump thump thump of the soca we usually here.

That all changed when the fireworks started. What a magnificent show. This was no $100 dollar assortment. This was the pros with their best stuff.

When the first air burst cannon went off Dizzy came down below at warp speed. I went up to watch and soon he came back up curiosity getting the better of his fear.

The smell of the black powder drifted across the water and the moon lit up the drifting smoke trails. This was a show to rival New Year on the Thames[ when they had the money! ]

It was no 5 minute flash in the pan it must have gone on for 20 minutes and this is the finale.

Well it will be as soon as I find out what Windows has done with the file. GRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


As Jenny and Bob have finally lost the marina back to the bank and a new consortium is beavering away to reorganize everything on shore and n the water there is no place for me to fill up my tanks here in Clarks Court Bay.

So it is off round Hog Island to Mt Hartman bay and Secret Harbor Marina for some water and diesel. I don't really need the diesel but like the security of having the tank topped right up in hurricane season just in case. It has been twenty years since I made this short but reef strewn passage and I was a little anxious as I powered out of CCB.

No worries! I had good sun over my shoulder and they announced their presence clearly even the sneaky brown ones could be clearly seen.

So here I am back in CCB with full tanks. I stopped off at Nirvana [ I said the gang is all here ] to see how Morgan Dodge and Lindsey were getting on as he is missing his mast. It turns out that he was on passage down here and spotted one of his mast stays had several broken strands. It turns out that many of his stays had broken strands and he was very lucky not to have had his rig come down.

Anyway his mast is with the riggers and bits are on their way from France. Nobody stocks 25mm turnbuckles and 19mm wire out here.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I have a hurty paw again daddy.

Well stop sticking it in the fan you dozy cat.

The Flying Buzzard made it back in this afternoon. The home of two interesting eccentrics got a lucrative job towing a mega yacht up to St Martin.

The yacht on it's maiden voyage with only 400 engine hours had one engine blow up at idle at the dock. The owner understandably said it is not going anywhere on one engine.

So I guess that is another year or twos cruising in paradise paid for.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Well it sort of felt like I was coming home as I passed the reef off Hog Island and turned into Clarks Court Bay. My favourite anchor spot was open and the gang is all here some with tales to tell of derring do on the high seas and others with who has the current best buy on beer. Morgan is sitting there on his huge catamaran Nirvana but he is missing his mast so I gotta visit and find out what the story is. Yes I am nosy.

I like to swim from the boat but anchored where I am I like to do it only on an incoming tide to ensure no nasty surprises however one thing I can't stand is the feel of seaweed on my legs.

So no swimming for the moment.

Lots of jobs to get organised for and the list starts from Monday when the winches get stripped.

Pretty sunset last night.