Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Charter cat on the reef My only in America story of the day AND a good sunset


Someones Dream Yacht Charter turned into a nightmare when they stuck it hard on the reef between Hog Island and Secret harbor yesterday. They were entering a reef strewn entrance late in the day with the sun in their eyes so they could not see the obvious change in color that indicated very shallow water.

They missed the buoy that marks the edge of the reef too.

To make maters worse they hit not long after high water.

The dinghy rescue squad passed on this one and the charter company had to find some serious horsepower to pull it off 23 hours later.



Now many a proud parent has allowed their child to hold the wheel on a bit of private ground. This proud mum got her seven year old to drive through the streets while she captured his achievements on her phone.

She was so proud she posted the clip on social media, a candidate for Americas dumbest I think.

I am loosing a couple of old friends Jerry on the Poco Loco is by all reports back in the US attending to some medical issues and it seems his cruising days are done. I saw the boatyard boys towing his boat into the dock and getting it ready for storage.

Trudi and Dave on Manureva are swallowing the anchor and returning to the UK having sold their boat.


I raised a glass for Gerry and remembered the times I had heard him belting out some great musical songs at the Jam sessions. I think he is 85.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


There were reports of a number of drivers and conductors being arrested by police for obstruction. One lawyer complained that one of is client was being held overnight and not offered bail.

The association's president said when drivers appear before Magistrate Seales, he has been imposing fines to be paid at the very moment – or else they have had to face jail time.

“It went from that to sending guys in prison; six months; three months; one month; 14 days and it has not gotten better. Last week he took away five guys’ license,”

It seems that there is one magistrate who is dealing out these jail sentences and disqualifications.

The strikes are good news for the taxi drivers

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


All is quiet on the weather front in Grenada. Hurricane Nichole will brush by Bermuda probably as a Cat 1.

I went to catch a bus to town this morning only to find a bus strike in progress and a very good natured slow procession of empty buses.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio king of Maricopa County Arizona.

We visited this jail and both Carol and I felt that Sheriff Joe was doing a good job. His electorate does as well as he keeps getting reelected with big majorities.

However the US Federal government keep finding his practices unacceptable. No prisoner can be made to wear pink underwear. Pink tops are OK.

The latest battle has the Feds launching a criminal contempt case against Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio for stopping people who look as if they may be illegal immigrants and asking them to produce some identification. If they can not they are on a bus to Mexico that day.

If I lived in Maricopa County and looked like I could be an illegal immigrant I am damned sure I would carry my ID with me at all times.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


No worries for me here in Grenada relating to Hurricane Mathew or the storm Nichole that has just formed well to the North.

My sailing friend Jan needs to prepare for Mathew as it looks like it will hit Roanoke where she lives.

But I am concerned about the strong Tropical wave that is fast approaching Grenada.

Scary days.

Monday, October 3, 2016


Things are back to normal here in Grenada, the sun is shining and we have puffy little trade wind clouds as normal.

It is much busier in my little corner of paradise, the big swells are making many other anchorages uncomfortable so they pile in here.

The first of the cruise ships are appearing. If I am waiting for a bus into town the tour taxis often stop there too because it has a good view of the Southern anchorages.

I suppose if you have lived your whole life in middle America the question is reasonable.

Dizzy has decided that my new chair is his and gets quite upset when I move him.