Sunday, March 29, 2015

An even bigger megayacht, a really big barge and on OTT sunset.

This thing is a mini cruise ship.

Got held up on my way to Sunday lunch.

These guys are pretty tame and will take food from your hand.

We had a bit of excitement when the largest barge I have seen in this area got stuck on a sandbar in the middle of the harbor. He was forced onto it because of the sailboats anchored around the bar.

It did surprise me that I heard no VHF traffic before during or after grounding. He got the nose of the barge pretty close to one of the anchored boats during his attempts to wriggle the barge of the sand bar. He turned the water sandy in his efforts as he stirred up the bottom.

I was impressed by the seamanship of the tug skipper as he get the barge off the sand bar. Worked his way astern into some clear space. Cleared the lines to the barge that were holding him in the hip tow position and rerigged lines to allow a stern tow.

He was directly up wind of me as he did this so I was ready to drop my anchor chain with a buoy on it and get out of his way if it all went wrong.

Once all the excitement of the day was over I was able to enjoy the sunset which for a change from the subdued pastels came in outrageous over the top color. The Lords and Ladies of the sunset had been dipping into the acrylics again.

I like lime in my G&T and this looks like an orange does it not.

Well it was in a section marked limes.

The veg guy confirmed that "Yes they are limes".

The checkout assistant selected the lime option when checking them through the weigh machine.

But I was unsure so I tasted one before adding it to my G&T. They sure are sour whatever they are.

Finally I was happier than ol' Blue layin' on the porch chewin' on a big ol' caitfish head to hear Miss Kitty say " Good morning y'all. " to start the morning cruisers net. She comes from somewhere deep in the South where sushi is still called bait.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Clarks Court bay gets the odd megayacht in as it is deep enough and has plenty anchoring space. This one disgorged some jet skis which were soon buzzzing around despite them being banned in Grenada.

Turns out it was Justin Bieber, did he know he was breaking the law? Did he care?

The word at the scuttlebut is that Clarks Court Bpatyard is due to lift thier first boat in May this year.

Well the piles are in for the travel lift piers but still lots to do.

Nimrods for lunch with the usual suspects trying to mooch some of my roti.

Finally there I was standing on the deck watching somebody in front lift their anchor
when I was subjected to a totally unwarranted sneaky foot attack.

Monday, March 9, 2015


I am smiling because the skies are blue, the pistes at Canyons are empty, the lift queues are non existent and the skiing is great.

I dropped my skis off at Eric's and sat down to my last poker game of this trip.

It was to be a 3.50 am start next day as my flight left at 5.58am. The plan was to get home to Grenada in 3 hops but it was not to be. I knew that winter storm Thor had disrupted things and indeed seats out of the heartland to Miami were in high demand. The rebooking agent in SLC beavered away and eventually routed me through LA and Baton Rouge to Miami then next day to St Lucia with a final hop to Grenada.

I was glad to see Grenada, Whisper Cove, finding my dinghy still there and the outboard undisturbed, Elephants Child bobbing in the chop and Dizzy prowling the aft rail to greet me home.

He has been mostly welded to my side since I got home and is helping me write this just now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I had a fabulous day skiing at Canyons resort. Blue skies and fresh snow on the pistes. The champagne powder that everybody raves about.

Tomorrow is my last day and I am going back to Canyons it was just so good. No queues and uncrowded runs.

It is possible I may have an extra day. Dallas airport which is a stage on my flights is going to get hammered by freezing rain then snow tomorrow. The last time this happened they had to shut Dallas Fort Worth airport for a while and as it is AA's hub then planes are not where they are supposed to be.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It is snowing hard and staying on the roads so it is chaos in Salt Lake City. 157 accidents this morning.

I suppose they can be somewhat excused as it has been the warmest winter on record and this is the first serious snowfall in SLC of the winter.

The trees are laden with snow and Alta is reporting more than a foot of new snow. It seems more than that to me and my poor old creaky knees.

Every pass holder in the valley is going to be in Alta tomorrow if they can wangle it so I guess I will mosey on up to Canyons and look for some peaceful groomers.