Monday, July 27, 2015


It has been a very eventful few days.

First we had the threat warning on the underwater volcano that is just to the North of Grenada raised to orange which is the second highest.

Next we had a cruiser develop a serious medical condition in Carriacou, one which the local cottage hospital could not handle. The cruisers self help group organised an air evacuation to Grenada and then when the hospital announced that they were short of O+ blood the cruisers organised buses to take donors from the cruising community to the donor center. It looks like he is over the worst.

The forecast strong wave went through bringing squalls and rain.

Boats dragged and I kept watch in the cockpit while a squadron of dinks went to help one boat. I was concerned about a recently arrived boat that had anchored right in front of Elephants Child. It did start dragging but a call on the VHF alerted the skipper and crew who returned and reanchored well away from me.

Last night we had a big panic. A young boy from one of the cruising boats was missing. Before long the police and coastguard were there plus many concerned cruisers all helping with the search in the harbor and surrounds. He was found ashore and unharmed saying he just felt like a swim and walk. A parents worst nightmare.

I knew that a salvaged boat was to be towed through the Clarks Court Bay and I went and sat at the bow just in case it all went wrong. Dizzy came to and offered moral support and a belly that needed a rub.

If you look behind the dismasted boat you can see that the flame trees are in bloom.

Just splendid.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kick'em Jenny

Threat level has been dropped to yellow.

This is good news for the participants in the upcoming regatta being run out of Carriacou.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


A strong tropical wave blew through Grenada today and in one of the squalls several boats dragged.

All were rescued and re-anchored.

The one that caused me to stay on Elephants Child with fenders at the ready had the owners return at speed and they soon got the engine going and dealt with the problem.

Lots of time on the net today as the rain has kept me down below. I came across this.

Only in America moment.

The US government has forced a skating rink to have handicapped parking spots and Braille on the ATM machines.

Mind you you can be registered as blind and hence disabled and still hold a driving licence in the USA.

Only in America.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


It has all gone shaky pudding around Grenada. 2 biggish underwater quakes to the East and now Kick Em Jenny the big underwater volcano to the North is kicking up her heals with 200+ microquakes in the last 14 days. Coasties have issued an orange alert. Should be OK at anchor where I am but it is a reminder that I am sailing in a tectonically active area.

The chicken littles are out in force.

The government is advising vulnerable areas to prepare to evacuate. They are neglecting to mention that deep water speed for a tsunami is 10 miles a minute. Max warning time for Grenada and Carriacou is 3 minutes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I have made the long trip up to the NE corner of Grenada again but this time the magnitude of the task was such that we picked at a bit round the edges but made little real impact.

Multiple tractors with front loaders and some tippers to cart the stuff is needed but there is no money and even if they were I doubt we could rustle up the equipment.

All a bit disheartening.

So many of the little guys just don't make it.

Why is there so much sargassum, well maybe it is global warming or maybe it is that we have caught all the fish that used to eat the sargassum.

Maybe it is both.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


A new born turtle is buried under 18 inches or more of sand. It has to fight it's way to the surface and then run the gauntlet of hungry predators both on land and if it makes it into the water those in the water who see a newborn turtle as a morning snack.

Well if life was not difficult enough for the little guys they face a new challenge. The beaches are now inches deep in sargassum seaweed.

Turtle watchers have to stop well meaning people picking hatchlings up and putting then into the sea. They usually hatch at night and by daylight would normally be out at sea. Instead they have been struggling in the weed for hours and are totally exhausted and dehydrated.

We put them in tanks feed them up and after 24 hours or so release them in the night on a safe beach with the moon over the water. Several hundred so far.


I need my telescopic ladder to get back onto Elephants Child if I am in the water.

Yesterday I did half the hull with the scraper to knock off the barnacles and clean the prop. When I stood on the bottom step of the ladder it broke off. Fortunately I missed the steps and the ladder projections as I returned to the depths.

I had the dink in the water with it's ladder fitted which I can deploy from the water. This I duly did and got back aboard. I was in no danger as I could have swum to a nearby boat and got help if needs be. But there have been times when I anchor somewhere secluded and go for a morning swim with the dink on deck.

Anyway if anyone else has a 4 step heavy duty [ their words ] telescopic ladder it would be worth checking the welds on the cross pieces. Mine had poor penetration on the vertical sides.

It has done 5 years so I guess I just add it to the examine closely annually list and replace every 4 years.

Dizzy Sox has been hard at work helping me with the annual boat projects that I tackle every hurricane season.
But he finds it hard work so has a new snooze spot and a new elegant sleeping posture. NOT!

The lords and ladies of the sunset got a little creative last night. I particularly liked the red tinge they imparted to the water.

Sunday, July 5, 2015



It finally stopped blowing hard, the swell laid down and I thought it might be worthwhile seeing if the viz had finally improved.

The answer was yes and I came across this fine fellow. Probably a nurse shark and as it was motionless it might have been asleep. I am sure the rules about letting sleeping dogs lie also apply to sleeping sharks.

As there was no current I guess that shoots down the story that sharks have to keep moving to breathe.

These guys were also out today doing there thing with fang filled mouths and trying to look hard.