Monday, February 29, 2016

El Nino germs in planes and Dizzy is guilt tripping me

Despite skiing in the height of the season only had to brush snow of the hire car once and it was only an inch or so.

Quite a contrast to my first visit when I was faced with this twice.

The skiing was great in blue sky conditions and I had my fill by the time I was faced with the long three flight trek back to Elephants Child and my little cat. Dizzy has inflicted maximum guilt by meowing pitifully since I got back and being welded to my side. Cats are good at this.

However I have an unwelcome visitor in the shape of a really bad cold, probably as a result of the three flights breathing recycled air.

Friday, February 19, 2016



The crowds of presidents weekend have gone and the mountains have returned to their usual tranquil and uncrowded state. No queues for lifts and no need to slalom through slow moving obstacles decked in brand new neon suits and sporting ultra wide skis, - all the gear and no idea.


After the snow and wind the sun is out again on the mountains. Life on the ski slopes is good.


BENIGN a simple word but one that I had feared might not be used to describe my black fast growing irregular edged eyelid mole. So when I heard the dermatologist say that my biopsy had shown it to be benign, well my world go a whole lot a sunnier.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Cars, well I am on hire car number four. The first had a bad tire, the second was only suitable for hunchback legless dwarfs, the third had defective windscreen wipers so I am driving number four. To be fair the good people at Alamo changed them all without question or charge but I am a little tired of the slep out to the airport rental facility.

The skiing has been great, clear skies and well groomed runs, just what I like.

As I have spent lots of time at altitude skiing and hang gliding plus lots of time on the water on the tropics I keep my eyes OPEN for the usual signs that indicate that a mole might be going bad.

Well I was getting an eye exam for new glasses when the optician said she did not like the look of a mole on my eyelid. Yup nasty black mole with irregular edges had popped up on my eyelid, only visible with my eyes SHUT!

A scary thing to find.

I got an appointment with a dermatologist for the following day and he said right away that that needs to come off. If the biopsy is bad he says he will carve off a little more to be sure.

Big UP for the observant optician and the University of Utah health center.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Salt Lake City again to satisfy my addiction to the white stuff

A long day three flights to get from Grenada to Salt Lake City was made even longer by an old lady in a wheel chair leaving a bag behind. Someone noticed it and a gun carrying armored young man arrived soon to be followed by a sniffer dog. Some one decided that the threat was credible and we were evacuated and even the plane got moved. We then missed our gate slot and takeoff slot. All very tiring.




Still got there got my hire car and got into my room. But the luggage workers were on a go slow. The first hire car had a faulty tire so got another [ currently on car four, more to come on this ] The night receptionist at Studio 6 was not to be found and if it were not for a young lady in her pajamas knowing her location I might have frozen to death.

3.30 am mountain time, 6.30 am Grenada time I had reason to be tired.

Still the white stuff was there and I "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings." John Muir.