Thursday, April 28, 2016


Poor Dizzy hates sailing and usually spends his time on passage next to me.

It is not too hard to detect the mental messages sent telepathically


It is a pity he hates sailing because it does not get much better than our sail up to Bequia. A warm wind over our shoulder, minimal swell and 7 to 9 knots all the way. 32 miles in 4 and 1/4 hours.

It was about 5 years ago when Love Divne went onto the rocks at the Western tip of Bequia.

Who knows what the skipper was doing or not doing.

But she is settling deeper by the stern. Maybe loosened by a big Northerly swell.

Both Dizzy and Gisela are enjoying a quiet if windy day in Bequia. Dizzy at all times is on watch for dangerous dinghies and pesky seagulls.

Meanwhile the skipper who can testify to the truth of the old saying

" Cruising is just boat maintenance in exotic locations "

is pondering on the best way to achieve toilet nirvana.

He has broken BOTH manual handles in one week.

The temporary fix is holding but we are both pumping out GENTLY.

Monday, April 25, 2016


harter Kern

Gisela belongs to a heart group in Germany and they call themselves “Hard Core” and the members all have nicknames. Gisela is Caribbean Queen.. So when we saw the nickname for the driver of this Caribbean minibus we just had to get a shot of Gisela by the bus.

We spotted this fine vehicle, the island version of the stretch limo.

And watched the wooden ex mailboat now called Scaramouche leave for a day on the water with it's cargo of happy tourists.

She was sailed off the mooring and no engine was involved.

After provisioning in Union Island where we saw this sign.

But this tolerance does not extend to one exotic intruder the Lionfish.

We are back in the Tobago Cays for a few days. It is hard to put in to words how beautiful this little bit of paradise is.

Dizzy has the position of official bird scarer on board Elephants Child. He takes the job seriously.

Identify the target.

Wait till it settles.

Commit to the stalk.

Get to 6 feet from target and make a 5 feet attack charge.

He is not so sure what he should do about these pesky turtles though.
We climbed the small island of Baradel and were not surprised at how dry everything looked. It must be a tough time for the iguana population as the leaves they eat can have little or no moisture.

Anyway lotus eating in paradise is over for the mean time and we are heading North to Bequia tomorrow Tuesday.

Monday, April 18, 2016


After a splendid sunset viewed frpm Ashton harbor we moved round to Chatam Bay.

On the way we saw this unusual sight, someone flying a spinnaker while towing two dinghies!

But we were soon round the corner and anchored in Chatham Bay.

The first time I was here back in the early 90s there was one guy who would run a Sunday barbecue on request. Now there are several quite impressive beach shacks and regular menus.

Some seating requires careful inspection though.

At the other end is a more serious installation with a big bar a swimming pool and a big restaurant.

Gisela helped drink the bar nearly dry.

Which was not too hard as they only started with three bottle in stock.

We discovered they only had three rooms although a fourth was planned.

You too may be puzzled by their business plan?

At least the iguana seemed fat and happy.

Not so this fellow by the reception desk.

But their worries were not ours. Back on the boat, Dizzy Sox was fed and the captain had his chefs hat on making dinner while Gisela watched the world go by.

No phones No internet no paved road no water no lecky no worries!

I am writing this in the lee of Frigate Island in Ashton.

Pic courtesy of Jan Oliver.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


We dropped back to Union Island anchoring in Cliffton for a day or two

before moving to Ashton Harbor behind the shelter of Frigate Island.

Where the snorkeling is excellent.

The beachcombing and people watching is good too!

We are off round to Chatam Bay where we may or may not have wifi. So don't worry if we are out of touch fro a day or two.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Well the Tobago Cays were as magical as always.

Gisela sorted out a good spot to anchor well away from the large sailing cruise ship.

We went ashore to see the spread that they put on for their guests.

Some of the locals who make their living running beach barbecues were less than impressed with the all inclusive cruise ship deal.

Others just hoped for table scraps.

Garbage iguanas get fat!

Mega yachts Twizzle 57m and Covallo 43m joined us in the Tobago Cays anchorage for a day or two. Covallo rents out for $85,000 a week low season plus all expenses. How much for Twizzle? Double that maybe.

Anyway we have more fun and satisfaction as we haul up our own sails and drop our own anchors.

Speaking of practical things these guys run a garbage collection service. For a fee of course.

We saw quite a few of my favorite fish the spotted box and a nice peacock flounder.

The sunset gave us hopes for a green flash.

But no luck.

Next stop was

and a walk on the beach

The school kids were working on their coloring skills

This is the local fire engine

But it does not look ready for action to me.

We spotted this barbaric practice

Deliberately laming the lambs by a rag pushed through their leg and tied around the major ligament.

Next stop was here.

This private island is run as a luxury hotel and although it is $1000 + a night it is not unreasonable as there are only 22 cottages and instant service by mini moke.

Sunday lunch at Goaties.

and a swim after lunch from the beach.

We left Dizzy to keep his eye on our neighbor who he thought was anchored to close for comfort.

Life is good.