Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I can at least stand up now, without feeling I need to go and lay down again. I have been practising with the dinghey, slowly. It's a good job it's rubber, as I seem to keep hitting the boat with it. We sit up top of an evening and watch the cruisers coming and going, before going to bed.
One of the worries I had from the Trek was the mattress, it was memory foam. This is one of the most unhygienic bits of furniture I have ever come across. apart from being hot, it is absorbent with no air circulation. We now have a proper sprung mattress, that is very comfortable, and unusual for a boat. As we can sleep with all of the hatches open, there is plenty of air circulating, and I have no problem with my claustrophobia.
We had to get some propane gas. this involves disconnecting the tank and humping it to the " nearest" filling station. " Just down the road" turns out to be a hike, so we grabbed a stray shopping trolley and set off. Half way there the heavens opened, with raindrops as big as peas, so we got soaked.
The canister was heavy, so the trolley was a good idea, but we looked like a couple of tramps , trolling along. especialy John with his baggy shorts and well ventilated under the armpits T shirt. I'm shacked up with a drop out, and I don't look too fashionable either.
Once I've got the hang of the dinghey, I have to learn to handle the boat, and learning to swim may not be a bad idea either. It surprised me, how many people on boats can't swim , and they have been a lot further than I have.

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