Monday, January 3, 2011


We waited in vain for a tall dark man bearing whisky, coal and siller to cross our threshold on New Years day so we went swimming instead.

We are anchored of Fort St Louis in Fort de France the capital of Martinique just now. It does not have the ambiance of Point a Pitre in Guadeloupe or even Castries but it is OK as a stopover.

It is disappointing that the French military still hold on to Fort St Louis and you can not walk around it.

I am not sure which intrepid French swashbuckler this is as someone had stolen the plaque but Gisela insisted that I mimic the pose.

We will be off to St Pierre tomorrow Tuesday to explore the ruins preserved there and perhaps, just perhaps, if we feel very fit and very adventurous, hike up to the caldera of Pelée the volcano that wiped out nearly every soul in St Pierre on that fatefull day in 1902 when a pyrochlastic flow rolled down it's slopes.

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