Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Love Divine
a cargo boat registered in Dominica ran aground between Western Cay and the next island on the 22nd of August 2012. What was the helmsmen thinking about! The diesel tanks have been pumped dry and there is talk of removing her but it does look like she has been driven onto the rocks at speed so is probably holed. Between seeing the wreck from the bow, then be able to view the stern,
Jan noticed we had a fish on so it was in with the lines as we rounded the point. On the way into Admiralty bay
we passed the magnificent folly that is the Moonhole and the surrounding buildings. Built in the days when there was no road, water supply or electricity there and stuff came in by boat and was carried up by muscle. Were they hippies? Did the marijuana suppliers get rich. Was there free love. Who cares! It is a cool spot to have a house.

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  1. This was no folly. It was a home built by Tom Johnston in the 60's but not a hippie. He was a Princeton grad, newspaper editor, and advertising executive. He was way ahead of his time. There are many other lovely homes built into the rocks there also. Way ahead of their time. Most of the material were brought in by donkey as it is a difficult landing for boats. Great article here from 1967 about Tom and the house. Suggest searching for more info on him.