Saturday, December 1, 2012


HIGH SPEED CAT While we were enjoying our stay at Petit Nevis we saw a charter catamaran arrive with 8 people on board, you know the usual load on one of these. Only 2 people got into the water for a very hasty snorkel in what is one of the premier spots in this end of the Caribbean before leaving. Total time on site was maybe one hour. I suppose they are on a schedule but it reminded me that I am lucky because

.........................TIME IS NO LONGER MY MASTER...........................

Marianne's Ice Cream Bequia has some sinful pleasures and the coconut ice cream made by a visitor who came on holiday some 30 years ago and never left is surely one of them. Sitting under the giant shade tree outside Gingerbread, watching the world dinghy by and enjoying some preservative free heaven in a cup seems fairly decadent.

Fig Tree cruiser's net Every morning bar one Cheryl comes on at 8 am. To help us greet the day she reads us the weather then details any island activities. She is also the driving force behind the young readers club. I have been a helper and always feel a little twinge of guilt when I miss a session. The little guys and girls have few male role models to inspire them. Although if I am all that they can scratch up then they are near the bottom of the barrel.

Daffodil Any cruiser who passes through Bequia soon comes to appreciate the services supplied by this charming lady. [ No smutty thoughts now ! ] water diesel ice bread laundry fresh lobster or fish all delivered to your boat by a well fendered yellow and green boat driven by a young man or lady smartly attired in yellow T shirt.

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  1. Daffodil; Now that beats Tesco's deliveries any time.
    Glad to hear that someone is pushing reading. Literacy is such an enabler in the modern world.
    Have to agree with the last sentence though, maybe on the bottom, not near. LoL