Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I found my ski boots and here I am again back on the white powder. After a a whole load of hassle including a call on one flight "Is there a doctor onboard" followed by hurried preparations to divert I found myself in Salt Lake City skiing at Snowbird.

It was unbelievably quiet even allowing for the fact it is a weekday. I was expecting some crowds as they had announced that it was to be a 'BLUEBIRD DAY' with 20 % discounts on lift tickets.

You can see from this pic. that the chair lifts are going up empty. At lunch the restaurant was also near empty.

Now why was it a 'BLUEBIRD DAY'? Well maybe this pic. shows how bad the pollution in Salt Lake City is. That is not a lake but the top of the inversion which is giving SLC the worst air quality in the USA. Worse than LA!

When the pollution gets this bad, Snowbird drops the price of it's lift tickets so the locals can get to breath some clean air in the mountains.

Now it is with some sadness that I retire another tried and trusted old friend. My Olympus C2 digital camera with it's 2 megapixcel image size and 16mb memory card needs some rest. I was so impressed by Jan's Pentax WG II that when I saw one on sale I bought it. It is a tough everyday pocket camera and waterproof down to 40 feet [ or so they say! ]

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