Monday, February 4, 2013


I got wiped out by an out of control skier at Deer Valley. Being Deer Valley he was well dressed and as there are lots of patrollers ski hosts, safety guys etc around one arrived almost immediately. The local slang for the event is 'having a yard sale' as my equipment and clothing was spread over 50 yards of mountain. No I was not going fast but it was steep and icy. The patroller made sure the culprit stayed around, insisted that I took his name and address and wanted to call out the blood wagon. That was avoided. However I felt stiff and sore next morning so had a day off.

I have now ticked off Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, Solitude, Canyons, Deer Valley and Snowbasin. Apart from Deer Valley I found that the fellow skiers and boarders were safety conscious and almost all the skiers were on the radically different skis they like out here, wide and rockered. But best of all there are no lift queues.

The roads have been a little scary with lots of snow and ice around with temps below freezing. So I had treated the accelerator with caution. Well I needed to pass someone on the way up to Snowbasin so floored it. WOW. I did not know that my Ford Taurus sized Chevy contained some sort of rocket engine, well when I looked it was a fire breathing V6. I guess that makes me officially old, driving something without knowing what is under the bonnet.

Well I arrived into SLC with poor air quality caused by a strong inversion. The fronts bought clear air and I could see the mountains from my window but the inversion is back,

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  1. Pity about the inversion. The view of the mountains are one of the best things about staying in SLC. The lack of queues are another, pity about the crash in Deer valley, still a day off might let the muscles recover.
    Are there loads of skiiers on cross country ski's telemarking down the mountain. They used to amaze me in the mogul fields that I would struggle through. There they were swapping from knee to knee as the would there way through the moguls as if they were not there.
    Have fun