Sunday, November 24, 2013


Poor Dizzy Sox
did not like the trip up to Carriacou. We motored up lee side with the usual fluky winds then bliss descended when we shut the motor off and all was quiet except pitiful wails of an unhappy cat. He came up into the cockpit and snuggled up to his daddy for some TLC.

Mind you he was freaked out last night as well because I did something I had not done for several years I went into a marina. The anchorage was just too rolly for me. However the experience was not enjoyed much by Dizzy, Any movement on the dock sent him down below like a rocket.

So he got a little extra TLC and playtime with Patricia.

We got into Tyrell Bay and enjoyed this slightly unusual sunset with the lower clouds going to a faded purple but the towering cumulus was a prisitne white.

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