Saturday, October 4, 2014


Yes it has been really hot the last few days. I have been out where I catch the wind so it is not too bad but the fans have been on just to make it a little cooler.

I wonder how the visitors on the first cruise ship of the season coped. Yes the magic kingdom came calling.

Trips into town require excess hydration efforts or you dehydrate. It is not often I wish for A/C on the shopping bus but if one bus had it I might move. As I write this I am thinking ' dumpkoff ' the survival anchorage bus has A/C.

We have had a few 50 knot squalls and it was with some alarm I watched a boat anchored in front drag past Elephants Child go out and reanchor in the same spot and drag past me again. Looks like a an experienced cruiser too with a big Amel.

One of the squalls had a lot of rain and it has boght down a lot of rock onto the tunnel.

This tunnel is an important part of the traffic circulation in St until they find the money to move the rock and stabilize things it is going to be really bad at rush hour.

We have had some vivid sunsets recently, quite worthy of a Walt Disney movie but I liked the contrast in this one. The low clouds were light blue with just the tiniest hint of purple.

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