Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The French coastguard have been making a series of big cocaine busts but this one hit the jackpot.

They found 2.25 metric tonnes of cocaine on a large sailboat which they intercepted 120 miles off Martinique.

It is pretty obvious that they are getting some really good intelligence and are not stopping vessels at random.

This looks like one of the big Swans at least a 65, which is top of the line.


Finding any Coca Cola product in Grenada has been getting near to impossible and the wholesalers have been importing but even they are struggling. It seems that the main bottler on Grenada has angered the parent company who has pulled the franchise hence the shortages.

So I was not surprised when in town after the bookswap I was searching for a coke and was offered something which at first glance looked about right but was not ' the real thing. '

Still not a million miles away. Now to persuade them to do make something like Coke Zero.

Cinco de Mayo

Any excuse for a party and potluck will do as far as cruisers were concerned. So it was mojitos [ are they Mexican ? ] chilli rellenos quesadillos [ my contribution ] etc.

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