Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's hot, really HOT

Too hot to do much work. Dripping sweat into the varnish ruins the finish.
But I am gradually knocking down the TO DO list.

While Dizzy stretches out in the coolest spot he can find and demands a belly rub.

We have two three masters in the bay, Vela is tied up to the dock at the new boatyard while Sagitta is at anchor.

I have to wonder at the deckhouse. Who on earth stuck that abortion on such a sturdy little ship.

Sunday Brunch at Whisper Cove and the locals were tucking in too.


Some Mormons are stockpiling canned goods. The “blood moon,” coupled with recent natural disasters and unrest, has led some to believe the end of times are coming and retailers who sell emergency preparedness kits are making a killing

The sales of Mormon 'magic underwear' has skyrocketed too.

I will be over at the full moon party in Benjie bay and no special underwear will be worn.

Good sunset last night.

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