Friday, January 1, 2016


Up till the fireworks announced New Year I was liming with some locals and a the French couple from the boat that was damaged on Christmas day. I had offered them space on Elephants Child but they have relatives ashore and are busy fixing the damage to their boat with the help of a local boat repair company. However it is not long after midnight and I get to my bunk.


Dizzy woke me up chasing something really noisy around the deck. Reluctantly I get up but can't see what it is. 5 minutes later he passes my cabin in hot pursuit of a large hazelnut. I confiscate the noisy nut and go back to bed forgetting that there is a large supply of said nuts on the cockpit table in the basket holding my mini Christmas tree.

A few minutes later and he is rolling another one around the salon floor.

I confiscate that one and throw a towel over the basket.

I need my restorative sleep as I am still feeling the after effects of the Christmas morning shenanigans even though the two visits to the chiropractor /masseur have helped a fair bit.


Usually I see these big guys flying around and always admire their skill at keeping these ridiculously over canvassed and under ballasted canoes upright.

But I saw today the smaller version for the first times and it looked like we had a bunch of teenagers hooning through the anchorage, whooping hollering and clearly having a great time.


After a flood of 'securite' calls on the VHF announcing the departure I was expecting something really monstrous still it is bigger than the average boat and I suppose worthy of the escort from the same marine police boat I am so familiar with.

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