Thursday, January 12, 2017


Christmas dinner at Taffy's bar and grill,

I joined the usual crowd of miscreants and neer do wells who have made the Southern bays on Grenada their permanent home. Sue did a magnificent job feeding 30 + souls from her small kitchen

I left when the kareoke started, too noisy for me.

New Year was at Whisper Cove and we had a boozy evening which is unusual for me but enjoyable never the less. I was feeling a little green but not as green as this fine fellow I caught in the grounds munching the fallen flowers.

I remembered the old trick of downing a litre or so of water plus some OJ on getting home before falling asleep.

Some one had rented Calivigny island for New Year and we got to enjoy their fireworks.

Some cruisers do their stuff on new million dollar aluminium sloops with all the modern conveniences including washer dryers, others like me wander on classic plastic old ladies like Elephants Child then there are a few who campaign there way around the world on 116 year old classic wooden racers.

Judd the owner does not let much bother him. When he dropped the rig over the side in the USVI he just had some timber shipped in and built new masts.

Galatea is anchored along side Elephants Child as Judd waits for a haulout and some topside paint.

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