Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We came through the 'canal' between Basse terre and Haut Terre to the Cul de Sac du Marin which lies in the North arms of the butterfly. This meant an early start as the bridge only opens at 5am.

We stopped off and explored one of the mangrove areas which was quite spooky at times.

We visited Mahault which was such a contrast to Pointe a Pitre with much evidence of civic pride and so many flowers and even more friendly people.

After spending the night at anchor behind a deserted island in the heart of the nature reserve that is Cul de Sac du Marin we had a belting sail up from Guadeloupe with an average of just less than 7 knots. Elephants Child was flying again. We had to get back to Antigua as Gisela had to fly out on Monday.

I am sorting out some minor stuff and will be off south by the weekend and will keep on trucking down towards Grenada as the sea is already warm enough to allow a hurricane to form although it would be VERY unusual to have one this early. The buoy off martinique is reporting a surface temp. of 82.6 F and 80 F is recognised minimum temp required for a hurricane to form.

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