Monday, May 3, 2010

Delighteful Deshaies

Deshaies is new to both of us and as the guide is not that enthusiastic about it we were prepared to be unimpressed but the check in is painless, the boulangerie is top class and a friendly but broke french yottie runs a morning croissant/petit pain au chocolat [ yum yum ] baguette delivery service so things are pretty good.

Gisela finally got her lobster dinner here in a charming little bistro run out of a very old wooden building in the street with the surf sounds on one side and some really loud frogs on the other.

We will be heading south to the The Cousteau Reserve by Pigeon Islands, three tiny islets in the middle of the reserve with some great snorkeling to look forward to. The abundance of wildlife in the area is thanks to the natural hot springs flowing in to the waters, creating a warm haven for fish and wildlife.

I will be looking for some kodak moments as I snorkle.

After that it is on to The Saints just south of the main island.

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