Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It was another dark and stormy night!

Well I have had an eventful couple of days here with boats dragging in the anchorage in a thunderstorm in the afternoon then a big night storm with even more boats dragging and colliding with others. Lots of shouting and big waves and panic as it was pitch black, raining very hard and blowing 30 knots.

Nobody was hurt which is the main thing but there was quite a bit of damage done including dents in a steel boat called Buena Vista belonging to a nice yound German couple and one small boat washed ashore.

As well as other peoples anchor problems keeping me awake, I have had trouble with my electrical system, the main lighting circuit breaker kept tripping out at random intervals which may have been caused by the gas control solenoid failing as that went off and the toilet started leaking badly.

Ah well I thought everyting was going too well in the run up to Gisela's arrival.

Just to add a little more anxiety the area of disturbed weather sitting on top of Grenada was clearly developing into something serious. I was 12 hours from moving to a hurricane anchorage! However not to worry it has gone West and is just now being officially graded as a storm. Hurricane Igor is a monster and everyone in the Northern islands has been watching it fearfully but it has gone well North and will miss by several hundred miles. However it is such a large and powerful storm it will disturb the wind and waves all the way down to Grenada.

But the rains stopped and I got to work on the boat.

Well the toilet works, the lights stay on, there is gas to the cooker but the boat is not cleaned properly.

[ Gisela says cleaned - CLEANED - you cleaned that cooker? What was it like before? - you are just a batchelor ]

and I got to the airport in timw to meet Gisela of her flight from Barbados on LIAT. For those who fly regularly in the Caribbean LIAT stands for luggage in another terminal and they were true to form. Gisela was in Grenada but her luggage was in St Vincent.

But next day her luggage arrived. LIAT is good at that, they have lots and lots of practice!

The sun is shining the swell is down and life is good.

OH yes we have been hard at work doing the cleaning I should have done!

Gisela was wearing one of the many bikinis she had feared lost to the LIAT luggage monster.

It is very hot here even in the shade and Gisela christened her new bikini with a swim before we had lunch in the cockpit.

Lfe is definitely good!

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  1. Gisela whip him into shape, it will do him the world of good. Look after him, lots of salad, fruit and steamed fresh fish.
    I hope the weather improves and stays good. Wish I was there but work calls.