Thursday, September 9, 2010


It is 4 days in a row now that we have had thunderstorms. Two boats are reporting hits with lots of fried electronics.

There has been lots of rain as well so my ladder job has been put on hold as it is too damp to use epoxy.

Still I have it at the point where I only need to cut the handholds and I guess I can risk doing that.

After the sticker shock I got when pricing teak I found a reasonably priced alternative and got a plank of greenheart which the local lumberyard even delivered for me FOC. Free always pleases my Scottish heart.

The thunderstorms are part of a low pressure area which may develop but hopefully when it has moved to the west of us. I hope it moves as at the moment it is right over the top of Grenada.

I will be in cleaning mode for the next day or so as the temperature has dropped by about 10 degrees F so it is possible to work inside without turning into a greasy blob of sweat in 30 seconds. It has been Hot Hot Hot with high humidity as well.

This decaying cumulonimbus cloud got lit up very nicely as I watched the blue drain out of the sky. Ten minutes later it the cloud had almost disappeared and the sky was deep grey.

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