Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wooden boats, dolphins and ring of fire worries.

It turns out topsail schooner I had spotted making full sail out of Antigua was built in Nevis. The skipper and crew were busy re - anchoring for the 5th or 6th time so were a bit 'busy' and I left them to it.

There is another inteesting boat at anchor nearby Rosa of Falmouth. I do not know her history but she looks a bit French to me based on the style of her transom but what do I know. I do know she is not a 'Nobby' though.

A pod of dolphins paid Deshaies a brief visit making a quick round of the harbour and skimming under Elphants Child before heading off. They are only the second pod I have seen in the last year.

Like everyone else I have been looking at the reports coming out of Japan with horror. The pictures of the tsunami washing large ships under bridges and carrying 100s of cars and buses along were just unbelievable. As was the clip of the photographer standing there as the water washed over his shoes then retreated as he stood capturing the moment. Bravery or foolishness I do not know, maybe he did not either. Looming over everything is the prospect of another Chernobyl or maybe two or even three Chernobyls.

I checked on our local volcanoes this morning. Montserrat is still venting as can be seen. This is the offical story.

4 to 11 March 2011
Activity at the Soufrière Hills Volcano has been low this week.

Nine rockfalls events and four Volcano Tectonic (VT) earthquakes were recorded this week.

The average sulphur dioxide measurement this week was 552 tons per day, with a maximum of 861 and a minimum of 370 tons per day.

Clear views of the dome this week revealed no major changes. Large steep, unstable and, in places, overhanging areas are present in several parts of the lava dome and pyroclastic flows remain likely, particularly to the north, west and east.

Despite the low level of activity, sporadic pyroclastic flows can and do occur without any warning. The Hazard Level is 3. There is no access to the terrestrial Zone C and only daytime transit access to shipping through the maritime extension of the zone.

Guadeloupe also has a volcano but it has been sleeping since 1976 and seems to be still quiet today.

I am having a lazy day, I do not know if it is still a bit of jet lag or I am still feeling the effects of the sking but I am feeling lazy. I need to look at the mainsail halyard winch [URGENT!] and think about testing the watermaker somehow [non urgent ] before refitting it. Captain Fatty Goodlander, it was I think who, said that cruising is just boat maintenance in exotic locations.

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