Friday, February 10, 2012


Well it was close but the finch won. I have never had such a determined assault on my plate by something so tiny. I guess it could have been a devoted mum with a nest full of hungry chicks but something was driving this bird. Twice it was on my hand getting a mouthful.

Bfore we left Deshaies we had a big swell coming into the bay and the brand new and pretty well constructed dinghy dock started to break up. The emergency welder made repairs with big gussets but time will tell.

We also liked this charming and very old building with a roof ful of flowers on Deshaies front street.

Sunset before we left showed how the contrary winds would set vessels pointing in all directions.

I checked in at Jolly Harbour but there is a new customs officer on duty there and she is a stickler for the regs. We had to come in alongside so that she could read the name on the side of our boat. his despite the fact that we were at anchor right off the dock with the name clearly visible and readable on the side.

Ah well it is as well I did not complain to much. She has already be the cause of two $5000 dollar fines for yachts not following procedure.

It is worth noting that I have never heard of yachts being required to dock at the other major port of entry English Harbor. In fact the last time I cleared in there I was in a different harbour and walked over to English Harbour.

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  1. That woman in Jolly Harbour is garnering quite the reputation. Read this when you have some time: