Monday, March 12, 2012

Falmouth harbour days

I was coming back from a morning constitutional on Pidgeon Island beach when I spotted the elegant J class boat Ranger making a careful and stately exit from the Famouth Harbour marina. As she passed down the channel a swarm of Optimists erupted from the yacht club with much tacking and shouting but as they hit the channel they all turned and followed Ranger.

It was a perfect Kodak moment but alas no camera. So I searched the web for an alternative.


Antigua and Barbuda Search And Rescue were busy today. First of all one of the locally built wooden sloops lost it's rig just outside Falmouth harbour.

There was some kind of event going on I believe maybe a race. Anyway they had a strong crew on board and were able to get themselves sorted out and motor back in.

Shortly after that there was a report of an EPIRB being activated with the location being given as Five Island Harbour.

ABSAR were dispatched to check it out.

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