Friday, June 1, 2012

Grande Anse d'Arlet Marin and on to St Lucia

We spent a few days just kicking back in Grande Anse d'Arlet which is one of my all time favourite anchorages. The water is clear and the outlook is one of careful development with no high rises or ticky tacky boxes marring the view.

We had a good snorkel session with some cuttle fish visiting us all organised military fashion by size and in a well ordered line.

The next stop was Marin with it's 500 or so boats, mostly unoocupied, at anchor. Leader Price the French discount store is the attraction with it's low prices and good selection of French foods. Yum Yum.

This strange vessel an Aquascope pootled past with it's cargo of two tourists peering through the underwater ports.

will be off down to St Lucia on Sunday if the weather is as forecast. If not well there are worse places to hang out. .

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