Monday, June 11, 2012

It was worth waiting for the swells to subside and the wind to flick to just North of East. The sail down to Wallilabou in St Vincent from Marigot Bay is a long one and the current is against us. This makes the North end of St Vincent a bit of a tide race and wind over tide kicks up some unpleasant seas. But we broad reached down in 8 to 12 knots of wind and only had one unpleasant sea which threw a couple of buckets of water into the cockpit drenching Sandy and I. The customs coverage at Wallilabou is not 100% so I asked Joel the 'Beach Front Service Provider' and Card carrying member of the Anchorage Inn team if customs were on site that evening. He said no as one of their officers had been killed in a shootout with Venezuelan drug smugglers and they were all attending his funeral.
Information is that White and a Police Officer were on patrol off the shores of Clifton in that Grenadine Island. They are said to have encountered a fishing vessel with nine Venezuelans on board. Drama unfolded in swift fashion, and when the tension subsided, three occupants of the vessel were killed, and a fourth injured. The other five occupants were taken into custody.
Not good. “

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