Saturday, October 13, 2012


Jan arrived from Roanoke on Wednesday
to help me sail Elephants Child and as a baptism of fire found out there was a tropical disturbance that was trying to get the courage of it's convection together to be a storm or even a hurricane heading right towards Grenada.

Well fortunately it turned right and went well North of us, as usual!

We had a good snorkel on the Thursday inside Clarks Court Bay and one of the early sightings was a small whale.

But the coral growth looked healthy and we saw several pairs of fish living in vase corals, a couple of good size lobster hiding in a little cave and this strange coral that almost looked like sunburned skin.

We battened down the hatches on Friday evening expecting rain on Saturday but it never arrived. The only thing that arrived on Saturday was Jan's birthday, one of the big ones with a zero. So we are off to celebrate with dinner at the Little Dipper restaurant.

But earlier in the day we had had a trip to Le Phare Blue a famous old Danish Lightship and resort. Jan thought the flowers on display were pretty nifty.

Finally the skipper was laid low and when he failed dismally on plunger duty there was no other thing to do but to dismantle the plumbing. LOVELY BISCUITS!

BTW that disturbance is now tropical storm Rafael.

One of the surprises of being at anchor in Grenada for Jan
has been the realization that beautiful sunsets are not unusual. Every evening we've had a technicolor display of day moving into night with mountains, water and sailboats adding interest as the lords and ladies of the sky do their best. Just when you think you've seen the colors that win First Prize for the evening's performance, a turn around quickly reminds you that sunset here means the sky is decorated 360 degrees around and you almost missed a better part.

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