Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Earlier on this year I helped a young couple out. They had the craziest contraption of a boat that I had seen make interisland passages. A beach catamaran with a windsurfer sail and an outboard mount nailed together from reclaimed timber, in fact 90% of the boat was reclaimed.

I was sitting with a group of sailors waiting for the bus and we started talking about pretty boats and ugly boats and did it matter as the sunsets looked just the same.

But for some the argument was as you dinghied back to your boat did it it fill your eye with pride of ownership.

Now I have to declare an interest here, my first cruising boat was many things but Carpe Diem was not a pretty boat.

So I was putting forward the argument that the boat was a means to an end and even boats like Carpe Diem gave their owners a feeling of pride as they saw them sitting on the water. After all she was the magic carpet that carried me away and across the channel, Biscay, the Atlantic and round the Caribbean.

So I argued that all boats providing they were not floating dumps were boats to be proud of.

However I did come across three in St Georges that I have to say I would be ashamed to come back to.

I mean training wheels on a boat>

That cabin just sits there like a castle rampart ugh!



  1. What is number 1? She has a huge mast and then those funny lumps on the side Very strange.
    Number 2, yes she is just ugly.
    Number 3,A racing boat built to the rules? It should have stuck to racing

    1. No 1 is a monohull with training wheels.

      Not sure who makes no 3

  2. Yup big cruising castle sorry catamaran. They are really good at anchor and motor sail pretty well from anchorage to anchorage!

    But they just look wrong somehow to me!