Sunday, June 16, 2013


Elephants Child is back in Clarks Court Bay and enjoying catching up with old friends and some new ones. Captain from LuLuDu crossed the Rainbow Bridge but there is a new puppy on board, a rescue that was hairless and could not stand up when found at the side of the road but is now bouncing around the boat and looking good.
Another regular resident in Clarks Court Bay is the aptly named Flying Buzzard. This 100 ft long Clyde built steam age salvage tug is not your everyday liveaboard.
As well as providing a home for Mike and Julie it has been busy recently salvaging the deck from the beautiful wooden staysail schooner Raindancer which went on the reef trying to enter Le Phare Bleu marina at night. We had been puzzling over this deck as it is lashed along side the old Albatross another long term resident of the bay with the dog house windows just above the water.

But the Buzzard has another job today, it is keeping afloat the remains of the super yacht Uisque Beatha which caught fire in Prickly Bay. This was an 80 ft Jongert built state of the art high performance sailboat which we had passed as we left for Clarks Court Bay.
The clean up operation will start next week, organised by Darren Turner from "Rescue 1", Prickly Bay Marina, Grenada to rid her hulk of as much toxic material and waste as possible before attempting to tow her 8 odd nautical miles off-shore to a spot that has been authorised to lay her to rest in the deep.

Mooring balls
White pimples have been popping up in the popular anchorages as enterprising governments and local boat boys try to cash in on the passing yotties. However they have been going adrift at an alarming rate as something seems to be amiss in the fastenings. Here are just a few that have been recovered as they drifted away often with a yacht attached.

Belle and I are off to the Sunday afternoon jam session at Whisper Cove Marina. I will NOT be taking my flute yet. We are also hoping for another spectacular sunset like this one.


  1. So sad to see those pictures of Raindancer, I hope a new hull can be built to support that deck but it probably is not economic. The loss of the super yacht, well another can be built no big deal.
    The steam powered salvage tug looks like an interesting liveaboard,no shortage of space but hard work to maintain. Watch Facebook, steam train pictures coming. Fab smells

  2. So sad to see raindancer lost. I hope that it's economic to build a new hull for her, probably not.
    The flying buzzard must make an interesting home. Is it still steam powered? If so a lot of shovelling to get from a to b. Still loads of hot water LoL.