Saturday, June 29, 2013


I finally gave in and stopped avoiding all animal rescue/pet shop/cat rehoming pleas and kitten advertisements. I looked in at the Grenada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and asked if they had any kittens that needed a new home. About a minute later I was sitting down with a little black and white scrap on my lap. She crawled up my chest and fell asleep on my shoulder.

I knew my goose was cooked at that point but managed to avoid taking her on the spot and thought about it over night before saying yes.

So Elephants Child has a new and very demanding crew member. 14 ounces of black and white mischief, already climbing everywhere she can get her claws to grip and exploring every nook and cranny she can get her nose into.

Belle has started playing foot games with her and this is means that we are subjected to full scale sideways kitten attacks on our toes at random intervals during the day.

Belle thinks I need to give her swimming lessons now but I am putting this off until she is a little older which may be a mistake as she will soon be able to make it onto the deck level from the cockpit.

I guess that I need to find a piece of netting to hang over the side so that she can climb back on board if I don't hear her squawking from the water and I need to find it soon.


  1. Cute little ball of fluff. Swimming lessons should be interesting, please video so we can have a good laugh. How do they cope when you are on a passage? Kitten fluorescent life jackets and safety lines? Cat Health and Safety officer maybe a new career for me.

  2. cat litter tray, worms, fleas,"where is she, I can't find her" and all of the rest that goes with taking on a new baby.
    welcome back to the animal loving nutters brigade, your life is no longer your own.
    She's gorgeous, enjoy. What is her name ?