Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blown Bolinders Music on the Water and Rescues

The Vastra Banken
an old Swedish lightship is now a floating restaurant. Deep in it's bowels it has a 1923 2 cylinder two stroke blown Bolinder
hot bulb semi diesel. [ Engine anoraks know what I am talking about ]. It had not run for 6 years and there was plan to start it. Cruising yachtsman are a bunch of anoraks so word got out and it was party time. The compressed air tank was fully charged, the engine turned to the marked point just past TDC and the blow lamps started to heat the hot bulbs. It was soon running and every one had another beer.

Le Phare Bleu
who run the Vastra Banken also organize dinghy concerts, I did not spend too long there as the music was too lood and too repetitive for my liking. I know I am too old.

While I was writing this a big squall blew through and soon someone was on the net reporting that a boat had dragged onto the shore. I headed over with ropes and my big kedge and we were able to get it off without too much trouble. I got a good fresh water shower out of it.

The owners returned during the salvage operations. It must be a horrible thing to come back and see that your boat is no longer where you left it.

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