Friday, August 30, 2013


After months when the visibility along the South coast of Grenada has been poor due to the high swells they have finaly died down and I went out for a more adventurous snorkel on one of the outer reefs.

It was well worthwhile because within minutes I saw a big Nassau grouper, he must have weighed at least 15 lbs. He seemed curious too coming in close and I got a good shot of him. This is unusual as the locals to hunt them with spearguns as the are really good eating.

My next fish of note was one of the bad guys a fair size lionfish, he was skulking beneath a ledge at a fair depth so I did not get a good shot. The one in the pic is borrowed as is the ugly one.

While working my way back to the dink with the camera full I was looking at a stone which suddenly moved. Yup it was a stonefish.

I guess I have got to risk my new underwater camera which has a much better lens and more memory.

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  1. As Nilo reminds me, it's better than keeping it in the box and looking at it. LoL