Saturday, February 15, 2014


I had heard rumours of a new party boat in Antigua
but it was a shock to see it in the garish flesh. A drive by in the dink confirmed the presence of some serious loudspeakers so it was a surprise to find they kept the volume down and turned it down even further at 10.00 pm.

However I anticipated that the combination of a Friday night and Valentines day would be irresistable to the noisemakers so I hopped one bay North to Five Island Harbor. The plush hotel had a piano bar which played honky tonk till ten which was just fine. In the distance the faint thump thump of the party boat could be heard but it did not disturb us.

Next day the Valentines Day regatta boys and girls did their stuff right in front of us in Five Island.

But not all the boats were race orientated like Scarlet Oyster some people were racing their house.

Note the paneled windows!

But by 3.30 they were gone back to the flesh pots of Jolly Harbor leaving us to the peace and quiet of an empty anchorage.

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