Friday, February 21, 2014


After it's success in 2012 when it gunned down the super sled Rambler on the long reach down from the North end of the course

I thought as Hetairos was on the dock and out in the channel working up it's reaching skills it would be trying to repeat the feat.

But on inspection of the entry list her name is absent. Anyone up for a last minute charter and a late entry. Conditions are looking benign for the race, about 15 knots for the 2 - 3 days of the race.

It might suite Bella Mente the mini maxi.

But we also have a Rambler entered.

Not I think the same boat that Hetairos blew by. That Rambler was a canter whose keel broke on the Fastnet race. Does this one cant? Who knows.

I also spotted the J class replica Rainbow on the dock.

J class yachts just take my breath away. I wonder what it would take to helm one for a few minutes.

Anyway the race starts Monday and I will be on the heights watching the start.

Speaking of watching things

Dizzy thinks kitten capers need watching.

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