Monday, April 28, 2014


The last day of Classic racing saw some spirited duels as there were places and bragging rights to be decided.

But it mattered little I think what the results were and if you were on a boat that was so much faster than the rest it would sail through the entire fleet or one that worked hard to finish inside the time limit you just enjoyed the sailing.

Cornish Luggers maybe better to windward than the square riggers Nelson sailed but they still struggle against more modern rigs.

Classics always finish on a fun note with a splendid afternoon of gig racing in English Harbor
outside of Admirals Inn. It always makes me pause for a second to think that the same worn flagstones I tread will have been walked on by Admiral Horatio Nelson.

The cream tea was excellent but not served up by Admirals Inn as we had expected but separately on the grass outside the pillars by local ladies wearing splendid hats and working for charity.

We finished the day off with a dockside barbecue put on by the crew of EOS the biggest sailing ship in the world at the moment. The shrimp were excellent and the free booze flowed for hours.

Lorrie, my crew, has decided to fly back from Antigua as the outboard motor situation is still in limbo and it is significantly cheaper from Antigua than St Lucia. The number of war wounds inflicted by Dizzy may also be a factor.

Yes the OB fiasco grinds on with nothing but the continuing runaround from Budget Marine. I will give chapter and verse of this display of bad faith on their part a separate page on the blog. [ TOP RIGHT ] WHEN I GET SOME TIME!

There is a bright spot and it is the outstanding service I have had from a local outboard motor mechanic called Gregg who operates out of Falmouth Harbor. [ T. 268 775 7576 ] He arrived at the dock within minutes explaining he was on another job but would be with me shortly. When he arrived he inspected the engine he agreed it needed to be stripped and wonder of wonders came up with a loaner outboard to keep me mobile.

Rowing an AB RIB really sucks donkey breath, especially into wind.

Just bought a little 2.5 hp eggbeater so no more rowing I hope. This is a stopgap.

I had organised a new Yamaha 15 hp from the local dealer did the paperwork visited customs to do the "Yacht in Transit" stuff when I get a call saying they can not find a 15 hp will a 9.8 hp do.

Ah I should no better.

Anyway I am off to Guadeloupe tomorrow.

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