Friday, April 4, 2014


While we are waiting for Classics and also Budget Marine / Tohatsu to come back with a decision on the warranty claim on the engine

we moved to Five Island Harbor for a little quiet time. But even here Lorrie found she had to fight off the unwanted attention of the dinghy.

We spotted this unusual rig and are wondering what you would call it. I guess they are lug sails so is it a lugger?

We went for a walk along the beach at the Hermitage resort. $1500 a NIGHT for a room there. But the sand is the same for us. We saw lots of shells like this and wondered if there was some kind of marine predator that can drill such neat round holes?

Such questions continue to baffle us as we deal with the urgent business of which sundowner and what appetizers to go with them.

Hmmm Dark and Stormies I think with smoked salmon cream cheese on posh crackers!

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