Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chikungunya New Dodger and Who Screwed the Pooch [ $10 million ]

I have been hearing reports of this chikungunya disease but it has suddenly become an epidemic out in the Eastern Caribbean.

These figures below will be well under true totals because people know that all you can do is go to bed, stay hydrated, and take painkillers.

The number of chikungunya cases in parts of the Caribbean continued to surge last week, pushing past 170,000 cases, with the first cases confirmed in El Salvador, west of the main outbreak area, and more imported cases detected in the United States and other countries.

The outbreak has grown to 170,566 suspected or confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne disease, which is 35,139 higher than the 135,427 cases reported the previous week, according to a Jun 13 report from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The number of deaths remained the same, at 14.

Chris who is going to make my new dodger has had it as have all her family. She has been unable to work for more than two weeks as her hands were seized up and it was difficult for her to even get out of bed. The new dodger is overdue but I should get it done here in Bequia.


This brand new mobo which was to be the home for the owner as he took a year away from his business to motor it around the world was launched by the builders New World Yacht Builders in Anacortes.

Someone got their stability calculations wrong, yup they screwed the pooch.




There is an unconfirmed report from one of the workers involved in salvaging the vessel who said something along the lines of ;-

We got her upright pumped her out but as soon as we relaxed the tension on the slings she started to turn turtle again.


I wonder who owns the boat at this point? I bet lawyers are studying the fine print of the contract at this moment in time.

Apparently one of the common clauses requires the boat to be afloat after launch. Well did it sink?

Re my previous WHO SCREWED THE POOCH at Park City I read that the judge may decide tomorrow if the current owners of the ski lifts at Park City who do not own the land on which they are built have to leave the land.

In which case the current owners are of the lifts are threatening to dismantle them and take them away.

A good old fixtures and fittings dispute.

Some very deep pockets and very big egos are involved.


  1. Boat capsizes, Ops
    Maybe someone forgot to install the ballast or did they just fail to have the centre of gravity below the centre of buoyancy.
    Either way a big Ops. I don't see how this can be the owners fault as "Fit for Purpose" should apply in this case. and a boat that is lying on it's side is not really fit for purpose.

  2. Launched with empty tanks and some but not all ballast.

    The yard has laid off all workers and apparently there is no work being done to alleviate the water damage.

  3. Oh well it is ugly so that may be some justice. Still feel sorry for the new owners, all those plans sunk.