Sunday, July 6, 2014


I have been in Bequia waiting for Chris who does my canvas work to finish the new dodger. She has had chikungunya which is epidemic in the Caribbean just now. She has had the crippling joint pain that some people get and Is finding it hard to work so progress is slow. Unfortunately despite me staying in remote spots away from people and the internet, slathering on the mosquito repellant I think I am starting it too. Was very hot and shaky last night.

One of the things I have been doing is monitoring a couple of leatherback nesting sites and I was lucky enough to see a big hatch when three nests all hatched within an hour. Even though I have seen it before I still marvel how these tiny hatchlings can escape from the nest digging themselves out from 2 feet down then finding the sea all on instinct. I counted 197 new lives.

We had a couple of days of reinforced trade winds and three big old steel boats dragged out of the anchorage.
Two are currently in commission so it was no surprise to see them motoring back in but the third
has not moved for several years and I was expecting to hear them call for a tow. However back they came and not too smoky either. I don't know if they were on a mooring or at anchor but their winch is working and they got back in and anchored up only to have to repeat the process twice more that day.
The locals build a local design of boats the world famous Bequia double ender. It is a major investment for anyone and I was surprized to see a new boat on the beach. It turns out it was built under the supervision of Andy who runs the sailing school but the money came from a cruising yottie who has settled in Bequia at least part time.
The strong winds have subsided and we have had days when Dizzy Sox can see fish all around the boat. He gets into wiggle bottom attack mode and I keep thinking don't jump Dizzy!

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