Saturday, December 27, 2014


Plan A had been to go down to Trinidad and pull my prop shaft as part of the haulout, but that only worked if I had the bits I needed. Despite being able to trace them down to Grenada they have vanished into some limbo.

So there I was hauling in Carriacou instead and hoping I get another year out of my pinkish in places prop. It still goes ting when tapped so I think it will do.
On the pink theme here is a Pinky Schooner the first one I have ever seen. Apparently a design that was developed to fish the waters off Cape Ann harbors from the early eighteenth century. This one was a ferrocement version.

Another different boat was this lift keel steel boat. Not as swoopy as the Pincky and I suppose a better sailor.

I was back down to Grenada and tucked up in my usual spot behind the Buzzard in time for the Christmas party and jam session. I tried to get Dizzy into the spirit of things but he was not amused by the Santa hat.

Boxing day saw me doing a little housework
with a helpful paw coming through the hatch every now and then, at least it was for a time but he got bored and went off to check the fish that hang about off the stern.

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