Thursday, January 8, 2015


The plane was on time, my taxi driver was not. However another couple was meeting the same plane so I doubled up with them.
The transfer was smooth and Jan and Hope were soon sitting down to drink in Whisper Cove Marina and slowing down to Island Time while learning the art of liming.

The next day I had arranged an island tour with Cutty and off we went.

Prisons Prime Ministers Nutmegs and Lunch in a beautiful location overlooking the channel to Isle de Ronde.

We learned about drying the nutmeg then saw the set up used to sort it. Ladies sitting on the stools and opening the hatches to sort as they came. It seems all very labor intensive.

After lunch we visited two chocolate factories and Jan who is allergic was relegated to the outside.

Ho guards on the belts and some of the souvenirs on offer were hard to believe.

We had to cut short our visit to the Belmont estate to get to the oldest rum factory in the island and the only one left crushing their own sugar cane in a centuries old waterwheel driven crusher.

No guards, wonky wheels and lots of hand labor.

The dried crushed cane is called bagass and gets used to heat up the cane juice to start the fermenting process.

Post tour but before we got to sample the product.

None of their rum is exported, it is all consumed locally. Well it is 87% alcohol and the airlines for one do not allow it on board as it constitutes a severe fire hazard.

Last we stopped off at the Grand Etang forest preserve and Cutty was able to call up the Mona monkeys. Unfortunately I have lost the pics but once I get some from my guests they will be posted. I can't do it now as I have worn them out today sailing up from Grenada to Tyrrel Bay Carriacou. Both went to be early and are fast asleep.


  1. Glad to hear they are having a good time and Hope is managing to sleep on the boat. How about some photos of the boat sailing taken from the dink. Intrepid explorer at the helm.

  2. The mascot for Robertson's jam "Golliwogs" banned in the UK in the early 70's me thinks.