Monday, June 29, 2015


Morgan on Nirvana, Hugo on Shaitan,the Aussies on Amarullah, Chris on Magus, Time Out, Catitude, and many new faces are gathering in the Southern bays. The volley ball tourneys are starting up, we have sufficient to get a poker game going on Thursdays and the kid boats are busy organizing their intricate social lives.

One boat that is missing is LuLudu.

Matt and Sue looked after Dizzy while I was skiing and they finally got around to hauling only to find that when they were splashed that they had a new leak around their rudder post. Some investigation showed that it was riddled with toredo worm. So they are back out on the hard. Fixing that will not be a trivial repair.

For the nautical anoraks LuLuDu is a Morecombe Bay Prawner although most likely built as a gentlemans yacht than a working boat. The signature rounded stern gives it away.


It was not Trevors fault. Some inspired official decided to hold a major incident exercise on the roundabout that is the choke point in South Grenada roads. Result TOTAL GRIDLOCK and the shopping trip from hell.

It is a really efficient service usually, dinghy dock to dinghy dock in an hour and a half. Pharmacy, supermarket and cash and carry all done for another week.

It was more than 4 hours before we were back at Whisper Cove and Trevor took us through parts of Grenada unseen by most travellers. It really screwed up his day as he has bookings all day and had a couple of pigs to pick up for a big pig roast party on the beach.

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