Monday, July 27, 2015


It has been a very eventful few days.

First we had the threat warning on the underwater volcano that is just to the North of Grenada raised to orange which is the second highest.

Next we had a cruiser develop a serious medical condition in Carriacou, one which the local cottage hospital could not handle. The cruisers self help group organised an air evacuation to Grenada and then when the hospital announced that they were short of O+ blood the cruisers organised buses to take donors from the cruising community to the donor center. It looks like he is over the worst.

The forecast strong wave went through bringing squalls and rain.

Boats dragged and I kept watch in the cockpit while a squadron of dinks went to help one boat. I was concerned about a recently arrived boat that had anchored right in front of Elephants Child. It did start dragging but a call on the VHF alerted the skipper and crew who returned and reanchored well away from me.

Last night we had a big panic. A young boy from one of the cruising boats was missing. Before long the police and coastguard were there plus many concerned cruisers all helping with the search in the harbor and surrounds. He was found ashore and unharmed saying he just felt like a swim and walk. A parents worst nightmare.

I knew that a salvaged boat was to be towed through the Clarks Court Bay and I went and sat at the bow just in case it all went wrong. Dizzy came to and offered moral support and a belly that needed a rub.

If you look behind the dismasted boat you can see that the flame trees are in bloom.

Just splendid.

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  1. Lubumbashi (Zaire) was famous for avenues lines with African Flame Red running North South and Purple Jacarandas running East West. I have seen pictures but by the time I got there they had been felled for firewood.