Sunday, July 12, 2015


A new born turtle is buried under 18 inches or more of sand. It has to fight it's way to the surface and then run the gauntlet of hungry predators both on land and if it makes it into the water those in the water who see a newborn turtle as a morning snack.

Well if life was not difficult enough for the little guys they face a new challenge. The beaches are now inches deep in sargassum seaweed.

Turtle watchers have to stop well meaning people picking hatchlings up and putting then into the sea. They usually hatch at night and by daylight would normally be out at sea. Instead they have been struggling in the weed for hours and are totally exhausted and dehydrated.

We put them in tanks feed them up and after 24 hours or so release them in the night on a safe beach with the moon over the water. Several hundred so far.


I need my telescopic ladder to get back onto Elephants Child if I am in the water.

Yesterday I did half the hull with the scraper to knock off the barnacles and clean the prop. When I stood on the bottom step of the ladder it broke off. Fortunately I missed the steps and the ladder projections as I returned to the depths.

I had the dink in the water with it's ladder fitted which I can deploy from the water. This I duly did and got back aboard. I was in no danger as I could have swum to a nearby boat and got help if needs be. But there have been times when I anchor somewhere secluded and go for a morning swim with the dink on deck.

Anyway if anyone else has a 4 step heavy duty [ their words ] telescopic ladder it would be worth checking the welds on the cross pieces. Mine had poor penetration on the vertical sides.

It has done 5 years so I guess I just add it to the examine closely annually list and replace every 4 years.

Dizzy Sox has been hard at work helping me with the annual boat projects that I tackle every hurricane season.
But he finds it hard work so has a new snooze spot and a new elegant sleeping posture. NOT!

The lords and ladies of the sunset got a little creative last night. I particularly liked the red tinge they imparted to the water.

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