Wednesday, November 4, 2015


After a weeks delay I was hauled on Sunday. The yard has had some issues with their one and only travel lift.

Edwyn did his usual careful job of ensuring that the straps are in exactly the right places, there is only a 2 inch tolerance on the rear strap.

It was not all good though as the Sunday dock boy let the bow get away from him while turning the boat and badly scuffed my topsides. Also he broke the weld on my pulpit stanchion trying to keep the boat under control.I will fix the weld but hope Edwyn will come up with a gelcoat whizz to match my topsides.

I got some help with the prep as working right under the boat kills my back nowadays. But it all went well and I got the first coat this afternoon Wednesday the 4th.

I have used the same make of anti fouling for several years but last years basically fell off in the high splash zones as you can see.

However the manufacturers came up with some free tins of the liquid gold so I guess they are making good.

Anyway Elephants Child has a blue bottom again and gets another coat tomorrow.

All I have to worry about is the yard mechanic who has been absent all week. Problems with his own boat I hear.

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