Monday, November 9, 2015

Got splashed on Saturday with the yard boys and Edwyn working like Trojans. We were no 4 of 5 boats.

Julie who had arrived to crew for me for the season and do some serious snorkeling had also been working like a Trojan cleaning up the boatyard dust and my casual packing ideas.

We relaxed with a sundowner as we settled in to our anchor spot just off the Lazy Turtles.

However our laidback Saturday morphed into a rather frantic Sunday as Julie decided with the help of Mr Google that the peculiar vision disturbances she was dealing with was likely to be wet macular degeneration, a serious eye condition, and one which requires rapid treatment to stop any further deterioration.

We established the there was an eye clinic in Grenada who might be able to deal with the problem, failing that there was a Virgin Atlantic flight back to the UK with space, there was nothing available by air back to Grenada from Carriacou except standby on Monday and Julie got through to her insurers to find out the protocols for further action.

The standby by seat was available but the small twin engine plane was already at max take off weight.

So it was onto the slow ferry down to Grenada which would get her in to St Georges in time to be seen by the eye clinic on Monday.

I had casually quipped earlier about the Amelia having had several breakdowns and being towed in so we both are keeping our fingers crossed that she makes it today.

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