Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Cars, well I am on hire car number four. The first had a bad tire, the second was only suitable for hunchback legless dwarfs, the third had defective windscreen wipers so I am driving number four. To be fair the good people at Alamo changed them all without question or charge but I am a little tired of the slep out to the airport rental facility.

The skiing has been great, clear skies and well groomed runs, just what I like.

As I have spent lots of time at altitude skiing and hang gliding plus lots of time on the water on the tropics I keep my eyes OPEN for the usual signs that indicate that a mole might be going bad.

Well I was getting an eye exam for new glasses when the optician said she did not like the look of a mole on my eyelid. Yup nasty black mole with irregular edges had popped up on my eyelid, only visible with my eyes SHUT!

A scary thing to find.

I got an appointment with a dermatologist for the following day and he said right away that that needs to come off. If the biopsy is bad he says he will carve off a little more to be sure.

Big UP for the observant optician and the University of Utah health center.

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