Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Charter cat on the reef My only in America story of the day AND a good sunset


Someones Dream Yacht Charter turned into a nightmare when they stuck it hard on the reef between Hog Island and Secret harbor yesterday. They were entering a reef strewn entrance late in the day with the sun in their eyes so they could not see the obvious change in color that indicated very shallow water.

They missed the buoy that marks the edge of the reef too.

To make maters worse they hit not long after high water.

The dinghy rescue squad passed on this one and the charter company had to find some serious horsepower to pull it off 23 hours later.



Now many a proud parent has allowed their child to hold the wheel on a bit of private ground. This proud mum got her seven year old to drive through the streets while she captured his achievements on her phone.

She was so proud she posted the clip on social media, a candidate for Americas dumbest I think.

I am loosing a couple of old friends Jerry on the Poco Loco is by all reports back in the US attending to some medical issues and it seems his cruising days are done. I saw the boatyard boys towing his boat into the dock and getting it ready for storage.

Trudi and Dave on Manureva are swallowing the anchor and returning to the UK having sold their boat.


I raised a glass for Gerry and remembered the times I had heard him belting out some great musical songs at the Jam sessions. I think he is 85.

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