Saturday, March 11, 2017


It was with deepest sadness that I learned of the death of Mary, the powerhouse behind Rodger's Barefoot Beach Bar on Hog Island.

We new she was ill and a benefit concert was organised for the Sunday but she died on that very morning.

I did not go in the end as I was really ill. I have no idea what it was but the scary symptom was three bouts of very violent shivering/shaking each last about 40 minutes. Just when I was thinking about a taxi to the doc I started to feel better. But it laid me out for four days. I went for a blood test but it takes a while.

Ho Hum it is Friday and that means shopping bus day. Eco friendly bags at the ready I jump in the dink and it fires up second pull as always and off I zoom for 100 yards then it dies. I check the usual suspects and the fuel hose is split. No worries I have spare hose on the boat and I manage to return by holding the hose so it gets some fuel through. I try for a quick fix and cut the end off the existing hose but it splits again.

By now I have missed the bus, they may have waited and called me on the VHF but my base station died that morning, it will be corrosion on the cable I expect and I have lent out my portable so no radio.

Ah well a few minutes searching and I find my spare fuel hose and I cut a piece off and replace the split hose. I call it good and set off again just in case they are running a second trip. Half way across it dies again. It restarts but all is not well and after a few spits and spats stops again. This time there is no starting no matter how hard I pull. I do the checks spark yes, fuel yes so why is it not going.

A passing cruiser tows me in and I start investigating. I soon find that I have water in the tank.

I have some spare petrol so I drain the water out and fill with fresh. That was the easy bit, it takes me ages and lots of pulling spark plug cleaning carb draining and more pulling to get the water out of the engine.

Still it couched and spluttered finally and kept running long enough to clear the water out and we are back to normal.

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  1. Hi John, hope the dink is back on form and you got your shopping done somehow. No more episodes of shivering, I hope?